About Us

Montubio is a company founded by Verdi Poggi Cevallos who grew up in Ecuador and close to people who have been using vegetable Ivory (locally known as Tagua) for generations. During my Master studies of Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation in Berlin, I started to investigate the usages of this material, the history of it and also the future potential of it. For this reason I decided to build relationships with the artisans, who turned out to be very humble business people who believe in fair business. And so I started to conduct market research experiments in parallel to my studies to know more about the demand in Europe for the products I wanted to produce. Once I had the initial contact with the suppliers and the market research confirmation, I knew it was time to start and so I did.

You’re in good company

The reasons why I have founded this company are predominantly:

  • To develop a brand of trust, fairness and exceptional beauty.
  • To strengthen relationships between Latin America and Europe
  • To offer business opportunities in areas of the world where I can leave a positive fingerprint.